Large vacuum bags, 360 x 280 mm, 25-set

25 bags for vacuuming are ideal for vacuum packing larger cuts of meat, vegetable or fruit.

Status BV500 vacuum packing machine

Vacuum packing machine for those who prefer convenient food storage and do not vacuum pack larger amounts of food at once.

Easytiler - set of 100 wedges

For evenly layed tiles use easytiler clips and easytiler wedges. Wedges are reusable, 100 pieces are in a set.

SV2000 Vacuum Packing Machine

The latest vacuum packing machine for demanding users who daily store larger quantities of food. One of the few vacuum packing machines on the market with a double piston vacuum pump.

Marinating container set, 2-piece set

Speed up the marinating and tenderizing process with marinating in vacuum.

Cuddles for pets, 13-piece set

Perfect set for bringing joy and happiness to your pets.

First day of new job, 4-piece set

Surprise your new colleagues at work with tasty refreshments and positive energy.

World of spices, 5-piece set

Spice up your life! Use one spice grinder to grind different spices stored in separate jars.

Status V Slicer 4-piece set

Salads, sauces, minestrones – all ready for cooking in only a few minutes! With super-sharp blades for dried meat products!