Status Provac 360 vacuum packing machine

Professional vacuum packing machine. Very strong and efficient with new unprecedented functions. For food production facilities and those, who demand only the best.

NEW Vacuum Stopper, 3 piece set

Vacuum stopper preserve freshness of wine and other beverages.

Status Minivac vacuum packing machine

A vacuum packing machine that ensures all the benefits of vacuum but doesn't take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

COMMING SOON Full tritan vacuum container, 4.5 l

For everyday storage of large quantities of food in vacuum.

COMMING SOON Full tritan vacuum container, 3 l

Store larger quantities of food in durable full tritan vacuum container.

NEW Electrical vacuum pump BVP100

Simple and quick vacuum packing for everyday use.

NEW Gastro electrical vacuum pump

Gastro electrical vacuum pump is professional kitchen appliance for creating vacuum in gastro containers from Status. It pumps the air out in seconds.

NEW Gastro vacuum container, 8 l

Store fresh vegetables in large quantities in 8 l container. Vacuum lid available additionally.

NEW Gastro vacuum container, 10 l, combo set by 6

Combo set of the largest, 10 l gastro vacuum containers for storing bigger amounts of food.